Dating poker players

dating poker players

Some men are just bad poker players. The only one who is responsible for how I handle the ups and downs of poker is ME. OTOH, it can sometimes be annoying when you say something like "after c betting the flop I check raised the turn when a Jack fell then turned loose the 3rd barrel when a blank hit the river but the fish just wouldn't let go" and get a line of questions like "what was your bet sizing on the flop and turn, what range did you put your opponent on, and why are you trying to bluff a fish when you know you're getting called pretty light in that spot anyway". I'm a bunny now Posts: Originally Posted by mmac Would you rather I said ur spewing then? Take the Self Improvement Tour.

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7 Lessons Poker Taught Me About Dating

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Generally speaking, occasionally, but not specific hands.

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Poker Players and Dating Slayers ~ Men Playing Poker May Reveal How They Date Online

Additionally, you can do things to boost your chances from the get-go, such as learning texting skillsimproving your appearance, upping your sexual abilitiesand pursuing more dates on social media. Email Address:. Originally Posted by DonkeySlayer81 I have never dated a pro or even a recreational player, ive actually ended up teaching poker to my past bfs. Its hard to love poker and be in a relationship in which the other person has no idea what youre talking about half the time.

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